How To Order a Custom Pet Portrait

Three Simple Steps

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Check Your Email

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Once Upet a Time

Your pet brings happy stories to your life. Our artist - Meeko is the expert to tell stories through a simple art piece.  In the Once Upet a Time collection, your pet will be the main character of a story. This series are painted with opaque watercolour. To make your custom pet portrait even more meaningful, feel free to share stories about your pet via email. For this collection, we offer two selections: Pet only and Pet&Human.

Now and Furever

I will love you Now and Furever. The love of a pet is always true and unconditional. Even though they can not speak, their eyes tell it all. According to Master painter Alvaro Castagnet - art is mood and feeling. Inspired by the concepts, our artist - Birman emphasises the emotions in pets eyes to give spirits to his art pieces. This collection provides two styles of selections: Water Colours and Pencil Sketch.

​Who Are You

Have you ever think of who your pet really is ? Human can have many faces inside, and so do animals. Who Are You collection explores and reveals the inside world of a pet for their human friend. Created by professional artist Coco, this series uses a variety of materials, including colouring pencils, water colour, and acrylic (Modern Mixture).  Coco believes a pet can build different relationship with each human- a same pet can have different reputation for different person. This collection offers two options to show who a pet is to you in a portrait: Flowers with different meanings and Custom clothes.  

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