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'Once Apet a Time'


Pets bring us an abundance of happiness and warmth. Our artist - Meeko, is an expert in telling stories through a simple art piece.  In the 'Once Apet a Time' collection, your pet is the main character and Meeko will include a few key personalization's that you share with us. This cartoon style series is painted with opaque water colours. For this collection, we offer two options: Pet only and Pet & Human.

In Another World​

Have you ever thought about an alter-ego your pet may have? Our pets are multi-dimensional- just like us! It is interesting to explore an alternative universe of possibilities; What profession would they suit? How would their fashion sense look like? What would be their favourite flowers? 'In Another World' collection reveals the inside world of a pet from their human friend's perspective. Created by professional artist Coco, this series uses a variety of materials, including colouring pencils, water colours, and acrylics (Modern Mixture). This collection offers two options: Flowers with Symbolic Meaning(s) and Custom Costumes