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 Home Visits

Cats, being territorial creatures, find security in the familiarity of their home environment. By opting for home visits, your cat can remain in its familiar surroundings, ensuring comfort and affection even in your absence.


Our experienced sitters are committed to following your cat's daily routines as closely as possible, encompassing feeding, watering, playtime, cuddles, litter box maintenance, and grooming. We offer flexible visit schedules, accommodating up to three visits per day as required. Each visit includes a detailed report card and photo updates, providing you with insight into your pet's well-being and our activities together.


Furthermore, we take pride in our additional services designed to maintain the appearance of activity within your home. These services include mail collection, houseplant watering, and customized lighting and curtain adjustments upon request.



Meet and Greet (Available for New Clients) Free

Cat Home Visits from $35 / visit

Feeding / Playing / Patting / Cuddling / Brushing / Scooping litter box / Visit reports & photos


  • Additional cats +$5 / cat

  • Full litter box change +$10 / box

​Full dumping of old litter / Cleaning & Drying of the litter box / Full filling of the litter box with fresh litter / Sweeping the general area around the box.

  • Garden Watering +$10

(Prices Exclude GST)

** 30% surcharge will be applied for bookings that fall on a public holiday **

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