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Potty Break Visits

Potty break visits for dogs give you peace of mind while you're at work or when you have a long day away from home. This service is a perfect solution for the following groups:


  • Puppies that are too young to go to doggie daycares - especially for very young puppies require a lot of attention to get them crate & potty trained properly. Typically a few short visits during the day while you are at work to make sure they get out before they need to is all it takes. With the right care and schedule, your young puppy can be housebroken quickly. 

  • Senior Dogs that have less control over their bladder and bowels or need medication during the day.

  • Dogs that prefer or require one-on-one attention and care.

  • Dogs that feel more comfortable staying at home and a quick potty break and a short walk while you are away helping them remain healthy and happy.


Each visit can include potty breaks, exercises, play, a short walk, food, water, administering any necessary medications, belly rubs, plenty of love, and all other human contact they may need. Our sitters will follow your specific care instructions and give your dog one-on-one attention that a doggie daycare cannot, and we can frequent the visits as many times as needed on a daily basis - up to 3 visits per dayDuring each visit we will fill out a report card and take photos to let you know how your pet was and what games we played

PLEASE NOTE: This option is not suitable for holiday/vacation clients as dogs tend to get restless, lonely, and anxious when they start missing having a person with them overnights. The wellbeing for your dogs is our top priority. We believe it is important for dogs, even senior dogs that spent most of their time sleeping, to be able to wake up to see a human there and feel safe - especially when the owners are away.

*Currently Unavailable*



Meet and Greet (Available for New Clients) Free

Potty Break Visits (30 minutes) from $50 / visit

Extras: Additional dog +$10/dog

(Prices Exclude GST)

** 30% surcharge will be applied for bookings that fall on a public holiday **

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